Bill Noon Healing Freedom

Healing-Freedom™ What is it? What can it do?

Healing-Freedom™ Is a method of energy healing by distance – irrespective of where in the world you are Healing-Freedom™ can work for you or your animals.

I provide an energetic link to you along which the healing process travels, unfortunately our rational minds struggle to understand the notion that a person miles away can possibly help to overcome a range of personal issues. Everything in us and around us is made up of energy by fine tuning these energy fields any imbalances can be corrected. (Chakra, Aura and Meridian are the most well known energy fields).

Healing-Freedom™ treatments allow you separate and free you from practically all your worries and traumas leaving you focused and clear headed about any decisions you have to make allowing you to improve yourself, your situation and raise your spirit.

Issues can be many and varied:

Health related

Stress related

Self doubt

Confidence – poor attitude to life and others

Behavioural issues – with children, animals & pets

Healing-Freedom™ has also been used successfully on plants, trees, large and small animals.

Healing-Freedom™ cannot cure anyone of a life threatening illness and I don’t proclaim to be a magician or physician and have all the answers, I don’t administer drugs and there is no physical contact.

However, following a treatment session you may be able to cope better in a difficult situation or with an illness after treatment. Most people feel calmer, have clear positive thoughts and their focus returns.

Prior to any treatment an outline is required of the problems you are encountering, how you are feeling either generally or specifically and the effect on your daily life and attitudes. When I carry out a treatment I am guided to the areas that require help and is specific to each individual or recipient.


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