Bill Noon Healing Freedom


Just to give you an idea of what has happened to a couple of my clients following their treatment please read on.

My very first client, John is a middle aged family man, my second client is Moses who was a sad angry black cat, and his owner is Adam.

Please note that this treatment doesn’t cure illness – it can help the body/being in many ways – to cope better with and manage everyday stresses, emotional upsets – it helps the healing process and promotes a positive mood, clarity of mind and generates positive energy. There are times when we need a little help away from the effects of life’s everyday stresses, pressures and strains, when we feel happy and positive then we tend to have better health and enjoy life more.

Treatment One

John was suffering with constant knee pain, taking painkillers and had his leg strapped up. He was also getting depressed generally felt unwell with low energy levels and work was a real battle. I carried out a treatment and he became more able to manage his life, pain significantly reduced and he was able to ease off the number of painkillers that he was taking. His knee was no longer tender to touch. His grumpiness and low spirits subsided and his knee became more flexible. During his healing session I discovered a problem with his left eye (something he had not previously mentioned to me). When I pointed this out to him he confided that the problem with his knee was so painful that it was his main area of concern and the eye issue had been put out of his mind. John  has recently seen an optician and is awaiting a specialist appointment to correct the problem. His knee is now almost as new and pain free.

Healing-Freedom™ helps the individual being to tune into the natural energy pathways in the body and the universe. Yes, I know it sounds wacky – please keep an open mind,™™ in fact open your mind and give it a chance. Please just give this a quick thought. Why did the animals and birds try and move to high ground shortly before the Tsunami?

How does a dog sense, before there is any scientific evidence, that an earthquake is imminent? Instinct? or is it tuned into its natural on-board energy senses? Have a look at Biodynamic on the internet and see how movements of the earth and moon are used to help get the best results for growing high quality, highly nutritious and tasty crops.

Sorry for the slight detour now back to ‘Healing Freedom’ ™

Treatment Two

Moses was a stray cat that appeared in a clients home via the cat flap. He enjoyed all the benefits on offer from the resident cats pad! Mainly food, warmth and comfort. Moses (as he became known) would never let my client Adam touch him or even get near him and was quite manic in his behaviour chasing around the home that he treated as his own. It was obvious to my client that Moses had suffered some bad treatment in his life, over a short period of time Moses established himself with the other two cats in the house yet managed to avoid being handled, spitting and scratching were two of his big strengths. The very night I did the his treatment Moses went and jumped on to the couch and put his head on my clients lap! (without any tempting by my client). This behaviour was previously unknown from Moses, since then he has continued to be a kind friendly cat to my client and the other cats. Was this a coincidence that the night I did his treatment Moses had decided to take on a new character? – you decide!


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