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Mind Matters

Stress: the cause of numerous health issues

This time of year you are likely to encounter a cold, the ‘flu’, chest infections, sinus infections and sore throats to name a few or someone close to you will develop the symptoms. These bugs and nasty infections get into us when our immune system is a little weak or overworked and no matter what you do they will have their time irritating and weakening you further.

Stress is often seen as something linked just to our mood or emotions, we are at work and things are not going right, a particular task is outside of your comfort zone maybe you feel threatened and you feel ‘stressed’ and can’t wait to get home for a beer, glass of wine or grab a bar of chocolate.

The mind matters, getting ‘stressed’ can trigger off chemical reactions in the bodies organs for example to produce more adrenaline, this is generated in times of fear and the situation is often referred to as the ‘fight or flight’ mode . Adrenaline could be seen as the bodies supercharger it gets you going and has been known to push people to do extraordinary physical feats outside of their normal capability. At the time of an accident for example people have been known to lift up a car to release someone who is trapped, when in normal circumstances they don’t have anything like that strength available.

Imagine what state your body and mind would be in if you were feeling that adrenaline rush every few hours during your working day! And in many, many cases that’s exactly what is happening. If the mind and body keeps pumping extra amounts of chemicals like adrenaline in response to the stresses being perceived by the mind on a regular basis eventually the body can collapse or shut down. There is a cost to this activity and one is that our poor old immune system gets battered and weakened, when you put up your feet for a rest so does the immune system, it can’t cope it has a nap, its defences are down and hey presto you have a sore throat, a high body temperature etc. etc.

So take a look at how to manage the stress in your life, take a break for 5 minutes from the computer screen, have a good laugh with friends or colleagues, have a quiet ‘day dream’ of a great memory, put into perspective the threats in your job.  Is ‘failure not an option’? I can’t recall any UK bankers being taken out and shot after their catastrophic mismanagement of their business! Perhaps we say YES to often in our jobs when sometimes a reasoned explanation can take undue pressure away. For example “Yes I can do XYZ, I will have to put ABC on hold of course so which way do you want to play it?” Give it a try. Good luck and remember your mind does matter, preserve it for you.

Good Mental Health

Some years ago an American T.V. comedy programme called ‘Frasier’ (currently being repeated on UK’s Channel 4) featured the line ‘wishing you good mental health’. The reason for this was down to the character Frasier who was a psychotherapist and a radio personality with his own ‘call in’ programme when he would analyse caller’s personal issues, at the end of the programme he would sign off with ‘wishing you good mental health’.

Why you might ask am I talking about a T.V. comedy? Well here in the UK there still seems to be a ‘stigma or taboo’ about ‘mental health’, if you mention your deepest most inner feelings to anyone other than your closest partner, spouse, relative or friend the chances are you will be given a sideways look and kept at a safe distance. One of the biggest growth areas in the British leisure industry recently has been membership of the gym or ‘fitness centre’.  So we are happy to have a go at keeping our physical aspects ‘fit’ why not keep our mental or mind aspects ‘fit’ and in top shape at the same time?

Modern life throws many pressures on us all with ‘stress’ (or too much stress) being detrimental to our bodily functions.  I know people who go to the gym everyday to keep up the fitness regime and to be fit to cope with work. While working out they wear head phones to keep up with messages from the office or in case their boss calls for the latest data or to listen to the latest business analysis, ‘commitment’ is it a word or a way of life?

So do good levels of general fitness help us to deal with pressure, stress etc? Well it must help, I think that is accepted by most people, so what about our mind doesn’t that need help from time to time? How do we get the help we need when a problem spins in our heads and there is some emotional ‘fall out’?  How do we cope with the demand for increased sales when a recession is on?  How do we cope when we have more money going out than is coming in? Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food and ill health all become the ‘crutches’ for many who have no way to safely off load or overcome mind challenging issues.

I help people with these challenges through Healing Freedom™, Reiki and Hypnotherapy there is no smoke and mirrors, long gowns, chiming bells or magical apparitions just me being open and honest and trying to help. Something as simple as learning how to relax deeply can have an effect on the way you view issues and situations that are thrust upon you. So my intention to promote ‘Body and Mind’ fitness sessions with a friend who operates his own private fitness centre could provide welcome relief to some, if not all, of his clients.

Thank you reading my blog and in the words of  Frasier Crane “wishing you good mental health”.

Help at hand

My friend who set me on the path of helping and healing through an open mind and belief in myself has returned to England so it will be great to catch up with her soon and share some experiences. Eilean I hope you are settling in and getting used to English country life once again, welcome home. Eilean introduced me to Reike and Healing Freedom™ a few years ago and I have had great comfort and enjoyment from those two practices ever since.

The response from clients is always enlightening and often uplifting. We can all do something to help each other in many ways, just a simple genuine smile can pass on a great feeling, try it, there is no pain involved and it will do you good at the same time. Apparently it takes less muscles to smile than frown and smiling creates a feel good factor inside you so it’s worth trying!

I find that the modern fast life we are involved with doesn’t always bring out the best in us so when things are getting a little too much find a quiet corner, take a deep breath hold it for a count of 6 and breath out through pursed lips almost like a whistle do this 3 or 4 times and it will help you calm yourself and think a little clearer.

New Year New Hope

Now we have moved into 2011 what can we expect from life, you only get out from what you put in comes to mind. Really it is down to the individual to make things happen in life yet we often need some help along the way and we shouldn’t be shy of asking for some direction or advice.
Often circumstances outside of our control cause unhappiness and distress, overcoming these situations offers a challenge to some and a complete obstruction to others.
If your self-confidence is low then a negative feeling can wash over you and you fail to see or find a solution. Lifting your confidence and feeling good about yourself for many people is difficult to achieve without the help of someone to lift up their spirits and find the inner strength that does exist within us.
I hope 2011 will be good to you and if you need a little help then have a look through my web pages and give Healing Freedom™ a chance.

Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Bill Noon Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis – hypnosisnorthwest

My continuing path towards helping people has now been strengthened with the addition of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Following my initial training which has taken from February 2010 to 2011 to complete I have now in 2012 completed further training to an advance level.  I’m now on the road to helping people help themselves. Helping anyone to discover their inner strength or to see life in a more meaningful way is very rewarding. This is not magic or trickery just technique and sensitivity.

Feeling better from re-tuning the energy

The whole point about any energy healing is that it is specific to you there is no great gathering you have to attend, just be open minded and let nature help you to help yourself.  I recently helped a friend using reiki as she has eczema on her arms, hands and legs which is a little upsetting for someone who likes to be attractive in her appearance. My friend after a little talking became relaxed about the treatment, nothing frightening was going to take place I didn’t even need to touch her anywhere.

Getting her relaxed in a nice comfortable room  helped and once I proceeded with the treatment she became totally relaxed  you could see the difference in the way she held herself, muscles in her face relaxed and she looked so peaceful.

A couple of days later she called to say that much of the redness of the eczema had gone and she didn’t feel so irratible so the energy healing had helped her to help herself and it will continue to do so.

Healing-Freedom has been working well for clients who have been referred to me recently, word of mouth does help people feel more confident in your ability, when a friend shares their own personal experience it is always more meaningful than an ad or web page detail.  I have been fortunate enough to help several people young and old to improve their lives and find comfort and confidence in themselves without having to see or even speak to me,  healing energy over the miles does work don’t ask me how because I don’t know it just does.  Thank you for reading.

Get That Healing Feeling!

Now for many of us anything to do with ‘Healing’, ‘Hands on Healing’, ‘The Laying on/Placing of Hands’ etc. has connotations of weirdo stuff, a little bit wacky – to say the least. However, in recent years more people have come to realise the benefits to be had from ‘Alternative’ therapies & treatments: Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Acupuncture and Homeopathy are just a few that come to mind. An example of how main stream some alternative treatments have become is clear when we look at Osteopathy. After many years of scepticism Osteopathy is now recognised as an acceptable alternative by the medical profession bringing relief to thousands of people with back, joint and muscular issues.

If like me, you have suffered from back pain, being bent double, with the only comfort to be had in painkillers, then finding the hands of a competent, qualified osteopath can amaze you and free you from a chemical-pain killer overload. I am or should I say, was a complete cynic when my wife introduced me to ‘Reiki’, no, not a plumber from eastern Europe but a method of energy healing, re-energising our natural inner forces, an extra dimension to life, balancing our in-built energy system.

After a few months of pacifying my wife by becoming a reluctant guinea-pig for her Reiki practice, I agreed to go on holiday to stay with her friend who was a Reiki Master. Spain in Spring sounded wonderful (still does!). During the holiday my wife became a Reiki Master, completing her final tuition under the guidance of her (and now our) friend.

Have you ever felt that the control of a situation was slipping out of your hands? During the holiday ‘our’ friend mentioned, on too many occasions for my liking, that I should give Reiki a chance, learn how it works become ‘attuned’ and qualify as a Reiki practitioner. Yes, yes very good, you both carry on – I’m fine here just soaking up the sun, enjoying the odd glass of wine and relaxing thanks very much, was my response. Day 5 of the holiday and I give in, OK attune me and lets get it out of the way then I can carry on relaxing in the early evening sunshine.

After some back to school white board theory (quite a lot actually, considering I was on holiday!), I learn a lot more about Reiki and I get ‘attuned’ and I have to tell you I’m hooked. Me the sensible cynical logical scientific-minded me! How does it work I ask? – Why do you need to know? Is the response from my tutor “it just does, I don’t know how a T.V. works but I just switch it on and it works, just go with it “, she added. If you open yourself up, have an open mind instead of closed 21st century mind then the natural energy that is with us all, starts to work.

So Reiki is now with me forever. One sunny afternoon while still in Spain I treat our teacher friend, my first ‘client’ and unexpected reactions occur, well they were totally unexpected by me!

Now after or during a treatment some people are known to laugh, cry, cough, smile etc. or nothing happens or they just feel relaxed it is quite normal. Following the treatment our friend is very excited and points out that there is something she can see in me that should be developed further and she has an alternative ‘healing’ channel that I should try (no box top required). Lets be clear here, we don’t actually do anything, we are really a connection [a conductor] between energy fields transmitting into the body.

So it was agreed later in the year I would return to Spain to learn all about ‘Healing-Freedom’ TM as our friend called it, she has to give it a name otherwise it is difficult to make reference to her particular methods. The gift she has is something that has been with her throughout her life.

You see the big thing with ‘Healing-Freedom’TM is that amazingly it can be done, passed on etc. over distance, without the recipient being present, strange I know, believe me it does work. So even though she now lives in Spain she can continue to help her many clients from when she lived in England and in fact help people all over the world.

Following my return visit to Spain late last year I became acquainted with ‘Healing-Freedom’TM. I returned to England with a slight doubt in the back of my mind that I too could carry out the treatments as she confidently assured me I could. I shouldn’t have had any doubt it is coming up to 12 months now since my introduction to energy healing, what do I think? It’s difficult to express and takes my breath away at times; I hear what happens to the people and animals that I get in touch with and think wow!! and a large smile appears on my face.

Thank you for reading this article I have not set out to convince you of anything just to share my own personal experience of energy healing and perhaps tempt you to have a quiet 5 minutes to yourself open your mind and relax.


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