Bill Noon Healing Freedom

About Me, Bill Noon

I live in the North West of England, (UK) and lead a typical normal working life for a man in his mid fifties. I have a great friend, my wife, who encourages me all the time to look for a better more enjoyable life ahead. This has led me to discover Healing-Freedom™.

From a young age the one thing about me is that I have always helped people. Help them develop themselves, find their own direction, find the missing confidence in their personal and working life. Often just letting someone off load their worries seems to help them. Sometimes help has been given unintentionally only finding out the result when a friend has told me how they overcame an issue following a chat with me about an unrelated topic. I like to help without imposing my views and opinions just try and draw out the issues at hand.

Special Powers – I don’t think so

I’m not aware that I have any special powers which help me to do this. People say that I am a good listener. I know that I see situations that others might not pick up on, this could be put down to experience or intuition. And yes I’m sceptical when people start talking about ‘natural’ gifts or ‘hidden powers‘! However, there are many coincidences in life and to try and explain them could be difficult so, I do keep an open mind.

Day Dreaming – Realistic Imagination – Can be refreshing

I admit to day dreaming more than occasionally, I tend to drift off into the open green countryside where I was raised and this gives me a great feeling of comfort and freedom. Using your imagination is more or less the same only it sounds less ‘flaky’ than day dreaming the results can be the same, a refreshing view of what needs to be done or of where you want to be! It helps me see things in a different light and generates thoughts and ideas that I can’t always consciously remember later. There is a song ‘daydream believer’ not just me then, so this activity perhaps has a purpose for many people.

Why Healing-Freedom™

So, by now you might be asking what has this got to do with Healing-Freedom™ and what is H-F™ Well, following a long career working in ‘customer’ facing roles I felt jaded, uninspired and couldn’t find a new direction and my health started to suffer. Fortunately through a friend I was introduced to Eilean Drysdale who is the founder of Healing-Freedom™. On the associated pages you will discover how Healing-Freedom™ through me can provide you with help in many ways to overcome a wide range of issues.


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