Bill Noon Healing Freedom

A Happy New Year 2012

As the world starts yet another year what can we expect to happen that will help people throughout the world. My wish would be an end to war and conflict, famine and drought and give young children a chance to experience the wonders of life beyond an early death.

Yes, my wishes are full of sentiment yet if we (the people in a wealthier part of the world) cannot help and lead the way to a better future for others less fortunate than ourselves then why are we here? Just to get rich and fat? well maybe yes for some!

The people in positions of power often do a good job, often they don’t,  allowing personal interests and greed to steer them on to a path of no return this happens throughout the world and is shown throughout history.

If in this modern part of the world (the wealthy West) we gave up just one meal a week and donated the cost of that meal to fighting off drought and starvation wouldn’t that make a difference??

If all the fighting nations put down their weapons and worked hard at resolving differences some people would live to see their children grow, see their communities grow and enjoy life without the fear of a bomb or a bullet.

Life is like many commodities ‘cheap’ just so long as it is not our life we are talking about.

Lets hope this year has some good news and good actions.

Happy New Year


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